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Biking in Tuscany - Bike Tours & Trips in Tuscany Italy

Biking in Tuscany Italy is an excellent way of enjoying the scenery and discovering the country side with all its rolling hills. When you cycle through the Tuscan country side you will come across all sorts of things like vineries, olive groves, wheat fields, forests, sunflower fields and numerous little villages and small cities filled with cultural treasures.

The best time for biking in Tuscany are the months May, June and September. During these months Tuscany is a bit more tranquil and temperatures don’t rise as rapidly as they do during some other months. During the summer months temperatures of 35 degrees Celsius (95 Fahrenheit) aren’t uncommon. If you do plan on takings bike trips in Tuscany during the summer months, we suggest starting early in the morning followed by a long break during the afternoon. Please note that in May and June you might encounter some rainy days, so don’t forget to bring some clothes against the rain.

The roads in Tuscany are generally well suited for cycling, but please note when visiting villages you could encounter steep hills (on which these villages often have been build). Good equipment is necessary and make sure your bikes have several gears. The road signs can sometimes be unclear in Tuscany and in some cases are completely lacking. When going on a bicycle tour in Tuscany you should always have a good map with you or even better a GPS system.

We would like to point out that Italy still has fewer roads than most other Western European countries. During high season this can lead to crowded roads when you go biking in Tuscany. You should also note that Italian motorists aren’t quite accustomed to deal with cyclists on the road, so be sure to pay extra attention when dealing with cars. Therefore it is not advisable to go on a cycling holiday in Tuscany with your children. If you are staying on a farmhouse, you can easily cycle with the kids to the nearest village for some ice cream and small groceries, very convenient. In the end it’s always better to be safe than sorry, so cycle defensively.

We hope you have a great time biking in Tuscany.