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Walking in Tuscany - Walking Holidays & Hiking Tours in Italy

A walking holiday is one of the best ways to discover Tuscany. Every year many tourist come to Tuscany, but only a few go out hiking. That's strange because Tuscany is beautiful to walk through and you can easily walk from village to village. The landscape changes every day, sometimes the hills are surrounded by a low fog and other days the weather is very clear and visibility is great. Besides experiencing a different scenery and exploring new villages every day, walking in Tuscany can be very peaceful and tranquil.

The Spring and Autmn are the ideal times to go hiking in Tuscany, the months of April to mid June and the end of the summer. If you do decide to go on a walking tour in Tuscany, please note that temperatures can rise as high as 35 degrees Celsius (95 Fahrenheit). The best thing then is to start walking early in the morning and take a long break during the afternoon.

All you need during short walks in Tuscany are basically a camera and a bottle of water. Be sure to always bring enough water when hiking, especially during the summer months. Along the way  you will also haves chances to refill your water supply when needed, but to ensure the water is drinkable just ask the locals.

There are no hazards in Tuscany that you wouldn’t come across in other Western  Countries.  Some details your should pay attention to when walking in Tuscany are:

  • Sometimes you may encounter a snake. They have a brownish gray color and a diamond shaped head and are generally timid and only bite when they feel threatened.
  • Some houses have noisy dogs when hikers pass by, as they are often their only distraction. The dogs are almost always tightly bound to trees, so you can safely continue walking.
  • Ticks can hide in the grass of the Tuscan Hills. So keep the skin covered where possible when hiking or taking breaks.
  • The hunting season starts in September and runs until March. If you are walking in Tuscany during the fall you will regularly hear gunshots, so make sure you always make enough noise when you are close to hunters. They are generally polite and careful and often set off area’s.
  • Note: when straying of paths to walk in the fields always wear closed shoes and long trousers, this because of the  ticks and some other creatures.