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Villages in Tuscany - Overview of Tuscan Villages

Buti, (3000 inhabitants) is situated 12 km south of Lucca and 10 km east of Pisa. The area is famous for the large production of olive oil. Buti has a theatre, many shops, restaurants and bars. It is a lively little village, quietly situated in a beautiful landscape, surrounded f... [More details]
Capannoli is a busy little village with many restaurants and bars and all kind of shops and trades. The surroundings are rural, gently sloping, not too far from the coast. Medieval small towns in the neighbourhood are Santo Pietro di Belvedere and Peccioli. [More details]
Castelfiorentino is a small town with approximately 20 000 inhabitants. It offers the tourist all the things they need, such as shops, supermarkets, restaurants, bars to have a nice espresso or capuccino. In addition there is a railwaystation, where you can take the direct trai... [More details]
The beautiful little village of Chianni (900 inhabitants) with its medieval centre, lies 35 km south west of Pisa. The splendid sloping landscape north east of Chianni, changes its colours from season to season, with the cultivation of grains. South west of Chianni the landscape ... [More details]
Corazzano is situated on approximately 8 km from the Superstrada, far enough not to bother you, and nevertheless easy to reach, if you want to go to Pisa, Florence or the beach. The small village has restaurants, bars, shops, a bank, a postoffice and a petrol pump. Easy to have t... [More details]
The small village Fabbrica in the municipality Peccioli, has a shop, a bar and a restaurant. It is beautifully situated in the Tuscan country side, with a lot of characteristic villages near by. Many vintages, olive and fruit trees. The river Era finds its way through this splend... [More details]
The surrounding area of Fauglia, not far from the sea, is famous for its pleasant and healthy climate, as a result of which it is, already from way back, a place to be for wealthy Italians. In the course of the previous centuries many villas have been built. Nearby in Lari, you... [More details]
Forcoli is all activity, there are all kinds of shops, bars, restaurants, a supermarket etc. Still it preserves the real Tuscan atmosphere. Around Forcoli the landscape shows gently sloping hills, with olive-trees and vineyards. An excellent walking area, and at the same time a v... [More details]
The small and pleasant Spa Gambassi Terme is located in the heart of Tuscany, in a convenient distance from the several cultural cities such as Florence (45 km), Siena (40 km), San Gimignano (18 km) and Volterra (30 km). Gambassi itself has a good kitchen to offer, in addition t... [More details]
Ghizzano is a small village, splendidly situated among the Tuscan hills. The bigger part of the village belongs to the wine estate of the noble family 'Venerosi Pesciolini'. A small bar in Ghizzano also serves warm meals, and under the same roof they sell bread, groceries and ... [More details]
The village Iano is situated approximately 15 km north from the wellknown Medieval / Etruscan town Volterra (Etruscan Museum) in the gently sloping hilly landscape. In Iano you have a good restaurant with a beautiful terrace (Antico Borgo). There is also a grocery, a bar, a post... [More details]
The holiday village 'La Tonda' has a restaurant, a shop and a tennis court, and is situated 8 km from the little town Montaione. It is a marvelous landscape. Therefore Roberto Benigni chose this region as background for his film 'Pinocchio'. At the reception of the agriturismo, ... [More details]
Lajatico is situated 12 km northwest of the beautiful town of Volterra (Etruscan Museum). It is the birth ground of the famous lyric singer Andrea Boccelli, who built a splendid open air theater 'Il Teatro del Silenzio', with the gently sloping Tuscan landscape as a setting. Be... [More details]
The area around the little town of Lari (1500 inhabitants), not far from the sea, is well known for its nice and healthy climate, as a result of which it is, for already a very long time, a place to be for the wealthy Italians. In the course of the previous centuries many villas ... [More details]
The village of Legoli (600 inhabitants) in the municipality of Peccioli, has an excellent panoramic position. It is a very good walking area and has many panoramic roads infinitely bordered by cypresses, which makes also a car trip an enjoyable time. In the village there are som... [More details]
The area around Lorenzana, not far from the sea, is well known for its pleasant and healthy climate, as a result of which it is, already from way back, a place to be for wealthy Italians. In the course of the previous centuries many villas have been built. In Lari, which is ver... [More details]
The small town of Marti (900 inhabitants) is situated approximately 4 km from the Superstrada FiPiLi (Firenze - Pisa - Livorno) nearby Montopoli in 'Val d'Arno'. Even with the superstrada closeby, which is very comfortable for visiting the cultural cities Pisa, Florence, Siena, t... [More details]
The surroundings of Montaione (3000 inhabitants) are marvelous. Therefore Roberto Benigni used this scenery as a background for his film 'Pinocchio'. Gently sloping hills are varied with woody areas. The small town is situated rather high, and therefore you have beautiful views ... [More details]
The fortified medieval village of Montecastello is known for its gorgeous castle of the Marchese Torrigiani Malaspina, which is situated on top of the hill, overlooking the hilly landscape of central Tuscany. The Marchese Torrigiani Malaspina is still living in his castle.Monteca... [More details]
The health resort 'Montecatini Terme', as well as the ancient 'Montecatini Alto', are famous all over the world. Well known writers visited this place to enjoy the area. There is a beautiful old walking trail that leads to the old village. The area has many olive-trees. The exte... [More details]
The medieval town of Montecatini Val di Cecina has this typical atmosphere of the past. The centre, carfree, with its narrow streets, vaults, and hundreds of years old houses is well preserved. In different places this small town offers wonderful views on the surrounding countrys... [More details]
High above Forcoli, Montechiari (municipality Forcoli) has a splendid view over the stately landscape. The place is surrounded by olive-trees and vintages. For the daily shopping you have to go to Forcoli, which is a very lively little town. There are many restaurants, bars etc. ... [More details]
The quiet village Montefoscoli (600 inhabitants) is situated among the gently sloping hills of the Valdera, and has a great view towards Volterra and Pisa. Small grocery shop, restaurant, bar, hairdresser. The rural committee looks after guided tours in the 'Museo dellla Civi... [More details]
The splendid medieval little town Palaia (900 inhabitants) has much activity. One imagines oneself in the past, when one sees the old crafts, practiced in the village. There are shops, some bars, terraces, restaurants, a 'gelateria' (ice-cream), pizzeria,postoffice, bank etc. wit... [More details]
Peccioli is a medieval little town (3000 inhabitants) in the Valdera. It lies on a hill, as a result of which it has beautiful views. You find many shops, a nice market on Tuesday morning and lots of activity in the historical centre. Several restaurants in different price class... [More details]
San Gervasio is a little jewel in the Tuscan landscape. A small fortified medieval village of 40 inhabitants, with superb panoramas around. There is in San Gervasio a good restaurant with a wine cellar where they serve fantastic bottles of wine. Also there is small 'taverna / a... [More details]
Santa Luce is situated on approximately 16 km of the coastal places Castiglioncello and Rosignano. By way of a quiet road you drive in less than 15 minutes to the beach. The extended open hilly landscape seems endless. If you go landward, then the landscape becomes more woody wi... [More details]
The house 'Carvana' is situated on approximately 2 km from the high lying little village of 'Santa Maria a Monte', with an interesting historical centre. The village has a number of shops and restaurants. The house is in a quiet area, about 5 km north of the Superstrada FiPiLi (F... [More details]
The name already makes clear that 'Santo Pietro Belvedere' is a highly situated little town with beautiful 'Belvedere' (view) over the plain towards Pisa. At the other side of the village, in the direction of the health resort 'Casciana Terme' (8 km), you see a more woody and... [More details]
The small village 'Selvatelle', (the same name as the agriturismo), belongs to the municipality of Terricciola, 30 km south east of Pisa. Splendid Tuscan hilly landscape, beautiful panoramas and nice little villages. This is what you find around 'Selvatelle'. Apart from those ... [More details]
'La Sterza', municipality of 'Terriciola', is the village where Andrea Boccelli was born. 'La Sterza' is surrounded by gently sloping landscape, with characteristic little villages. Beside the many olive-trees and vintages you find a lot of strawberry cultivation. The 'strawber... [More details]
Where are the grapes sweeter, if not in the area of Terricciola? By the excellent location, sheltered against the wind, and by the good terroir, the most delicious wines are being produced here. Many vineyards in this beautiful Tuscan countryside, with some small villages, how el... [More details]
Treggiaia, highly positioned on the hill top, offers wonderful views, and beautiful sunsets towards the sea in a real Tuscan atmosphere. The village has a grocer, a bar, a postoffice, etc. Around Treggiaia the landscape shows gently sloping hills, with olive-trees and vineyards.... [More details]
Villamagna - little shop, bar - is a little village, 10 km north of the famous historical place 'Volterra' (Etruscan Museum). Very extensive hilly landscape, a beautiful area to drive through with your car, but also to discover by foot or bike, although... the climb to Volterra ... [More details]
Volterra is a beautiful and well maintained town. The city was founded by the Etruscan civilization on a hill viewing the surrounding landscape. It has 11.000 inhabitants, and a lot of tourists. The Duomo on the San Giovanni Square was built in Roman Style, and has fine - 13th ... [More details]